Listen To The Words

by Revelayce

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This is an album I've been working on for the past year with the producer Baby Bean. The album is about all kinds of things really, but the main concept behind it and the name, comes from the fact that people usually say "I just like the beat, I don't listen to the lyrics". Your main conscience may be saying that, but the subconsciousness is soaking it all in, and its pretty obvious that people live out whats in the lyrics these days, especially in hip hop. A genre with an emphasis on poetry and lyrics, we better make sure the words are worth listening to. of course, the music goes hand in hand with the words, when a hip hop song marries the right melody and rhythm with the right words, its an incredibly powerful thing, and there is not enough of it in the genre. So the title is me, telling to do just that, listen to the words, hear me out. Some songs are fun, some are personal, some are political, but most of all, its whole purpose, my greatest purpose for rapping in the first place, is to bring you to the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that's why I do this, and hopefully, when you listen to the words on this album, its will lead you to listen to THE WORD


released November 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Revelayce Brockton, Massachusetts

A Christian Artist of the audio and visual

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Track Name: Intro (You Just Don't Listen)
1Man you just don't listen / to my words

1My Christian Religion/ you call absurd

2These words will merge/ with addictive rhythms

2but I want to influence the way your living

3decision to disbelieve/ based on feelings

3no evidence, reason/ just whats appealing

4what I'm dealing with/ is a war in the spirit

4so hip hop ya props man I just don't need it

5do you feel it?/ the kick and the bass

5Baby Bean baking beats like cake

6so I give him the ingredients/ sugar and spice

6a little Lyrical Light mixed with everything nice

7So yo bean take this

7take a little bit of that

8now put the two together

8yeah just like that, and we'll call it a wrap
Track Name: What Heaven Will Bring
1 If nothing on this earth will fulfill me

1 and all ecstasy leaves me empty

2even down deep in my soul

2my desires and addictions just leave me cold

3then may I unfold, my conclusion

3one made by the late great C. S Lewis

4which is, I was made for another world

4we play in the mud but were made to be pearls

5 so all these girls selling their bodies

5 all the grown up boys living life as a hobby

6 all the decadence death decay and destruction

6 suffering, our inability to function

7 the something missing from our existence

7 you can get the answer from your local Christian

8 Its Jesus Christ, the way to heaven

8 and when I get there here's what I imagine

and the angels sing, just one thing that heaven will bring

so forget about material things, cuz they just wont match what heaven will bring

and the angels sing, just one of the things that heaven will bring

so forget about material things, cuz they just wont match

1 I can only imagine the imagery

1 as my imagination begins to see

2 beauty, tapestries of design

2 advertisement sines gone from your sight

3 the light as it shines bright even night

3 got the best fireworks taking flight

4 High def infinite resolution

4 with no time so there's no conclusion

5 to the colorful kaleidoscope

5 is beyond dope, cant describe the hope

6 everlasting laughing with fascinating

6 creative works of painting and shading,

7 all the art forms and every culture

7 perfected with Jehovah the sculptor

8 this a reminder cuz where near sighted

8 if ya no your going, come on get excited

and the angels sing, just one thing that heaven will bring

infinity chillin' in spring, paradise life giving water springs

the angels sing, just one thing that heaving will bring

infinity chillin' in spring, paradise life

1 So who you gonna bring? While ya on this earth

1 all persons have worth even after hearse

2 the worst case scenario is for those

2 who feel God's grace and still say no

3 and you cant change em, you can save em

3 Its the Spirits job, and sorry you ain't him

4 just love them no matter how they're lying

4 and just like God, respect their decision

5 imprisoned in a comfortable castle

5 a boat with no paddle, herded like cattle

6 ain't worth the hassle, life is too short

6 search for the truth and open the door

7 ya got more in store then whats on channel 4

7 The Bible's a book that’s worth it to explore

8 and the evil force that wants you in hell

8 tell the devil he was doomed the day that he fell

and the angels sing, just one thing that heaven will bring

you got golden rings? Up there, those are toys from bubble gum machines

and the angels sing, just one thing that heaving will bring

and hey, did ya hear those bells ring? that a boy clearance you got your wings

and the angels sing, just one thing that heaven will bring

to finally be with the trinity, living with God in Harmony

and the angels sing, just one thing that heaven will bring

eternally being loved by the king, and loving him back what a beautiful thing
Track Name: Back In The Day (The 90's Song)
Ha, ya'll remember that?

we're about to get nostalgic real quick

This is for those of you, who tuned into

the golden age of cartoons, videogames, toys, man the last goes on

and if you share that childhood with me

let me hear you say








1When I was little kid, all that I really did

1was view cartoons on my TV

2blissfully just being me

2back in the 90s, life was so easy

3see the creativity when you look back

3its got the coolness 80s lacked

4in fact this track has got the boom bap

4a Tribe Called Quest Jazz fused with rap

5let me bring it back to animation

5Cartoon network my favorite station

6and Nickelodeon always playing

690s babies ya know what I'm saying

7staying up late watching looney Tunes

7TV screen lite up my room

8then Pikachu light up my tube

8how I knew I was home from school

9man our shows ruled, we got best stuff

9from powerpuff girls to Dark Wing Duck

10Dexter's lab, Animaniacs

10Swat Kats, Rug Rats, dog cat

11I mean Cat Dog, Rocko's modern life

11Space ghost the true king of late nght

12that Johnny Bravo, he wasn't shy

12Hey Arnold its one day till you die!

13The day was mine, so much free time

13way before any daily grind

14before wi fi and internet phones

14I enjoyed the sunshine outside my home

15then roamed back in, got in the zone

15to hone my skills at Mario

16super Nintendo, N64

16Goldeneye, need I say more?


17 and I don't even know where to begin

17mama had a cow, mama had a chicken

18but Dad was proud, he didn't care how

18whats that about? Guess I'll figure out

19or maybe have Clarissa explain it all

19but even she don't know whats in a wonder ball

20they're the wonder years, when I had no fear

20cuz courage the cowardly dog appeared

21but all I had to hear was the match and the spark

21(flame) are you afraid of the dark?

22I got Goosebumps just thinking of that

22wanted to melt away like Alex Mac

23But Fridays Nights I just laughed and laughed

23on a little show that we called


24 we bring you back to your original program

24KABLAM, variety show with melt man

25can you believe a crew was employed

25for Action League Now and just film toys?

26I was just a boy, meeting the world

26while Pinky and Brain took over the world

27 I was hurled into life with no preparation

27innocence before it was tainted

28during the bullying and the hatred

28comforted by all these creations

29Tom and Jerry, Muppet babies

29Ren and Stimpy, Ed Edd and Eddy

30Pee wee's play house, Pete and Pete

30I am Weasel, everything Disney

31those Thorn Berries were always wild

31now its time for Totally Kyle

32Even Stevens, what about Recess?

32amazing what those kids got a way with

33Freakaziod yo that show was crazy

33and one of those beavers was always angry

34Memory's scream like Ahhh real monsters

34hit with nostalgia, sock em bloopers

35Rocket power, cousin skeeter

35ghost writer making words sweater

36Tiny toons, Duck Tales and Goof Troop

36 the prequel? a pup named scooby doo

37the sequel? A bad CG Reboot

37who loves Orange soda? I do

38is it true? Oh yes its true-who

38I do I do I do I do hooo

39Who lives in a Pineapple under the sea?

39I double dare you not to sing.

40 Or your gonna get get slimmed, Snick in prime time

40 Mom says go to bed I yell WHY?

41 Going to school? that's gonna be hell

41 but when I'm out? Kennan and Kell

42saved by the bell and nothing's gonna stop me

42post pone homework to watch Toonami

43 just had to see the next Dragon Ball Z

43 Japanese anime WASSABI!!!

44Tenchi Myo and Hamtaro

44The Big O, Be Bop, thank you Tokyo

45 and thank you Shigeru Miyamoto

45 everything you made at Nintendo

46 already mentioned that, I didn't mention this

46 so many things that I know I'll miss

47 but yo, I gotta stop, I'm going too long

47 if I named it all it be a massive song

48 just remembered Doug and Charlie Brown

48guess I'll have to come back for another round

49 cuz there's so many gems stuck in my mental

49 just like legends of the hidden temple

50 Seinfeld, favorite show about nothing

50 wishing all these shows were still running

51but all good things must come to an end

51 I enjoyed this time with you my friends

52 Revelayce bringing the memory lane

52 that was a trip back in the day
Track Name: Make It Out Alive (feat. Aaron Wilson)
1I've been going through a tough time

1no shine at the end of the tunnel line

2this my mind telling it in rhyme

2a creative cry to Christ the divine

3most High I ask for a sign

3that signifies my life will be fine

4being baptized in a fire of pain

4the emotion of soul and limits of brain

5and body, wants me to be lofty

5 unthankfull to the one who brought me

6 out of Egypt polytheistic

6 slavery lower G worshiping its

7 a wilderness that I need to go through

7 a dessert desolate but I produce

8 much fruit, how you know who I am

8 employed by the I AM payed with a promise land

I'm gonna make it out alive
I'm gonna make it out

(I'm gonna make it
I'm gonna make it out)

I'm gonna make it out alive
I'm gonna make it out

(I'm gonna make it
I'm gonna make it)

we're gotta make it alive cuz
we gotta purpose for our lives so

I'm gonna make it out alive
I'm gonna make it out

(I'm gonna make it
I'm gonna make it)

1so for those in the fight ya gotta keep going

1just like in the rhythm I gotta keep flowing

2knowing that my faith will keep growing

2sowing seeds, cuz in God I'm hoping

3 my way through the pain, that's how I'm coping

3showing those sick stuck in the pit moping

4 that the father has is all figured out

4 nothing new that he don't know about

5 so get up people, its time to fight this

5 put on your gloves, one two right hook this

6 I took this beat used it encourage you

6 the poetic pep talk to summon you

7 challenge you to confront your demons

7 tell them your renewed for next season

8 never lay down, and stay in old ways

8 rise again, see you on Monday

I'm gonna make it out alive
I'm gonna make it out

(I'm gonna make it
I'm gonna make it out)

I'm gonna make it out alive
I'm gonna make it out

(I'm gonna make it
I'm gonna make it)

we're gotta make it alive cuz
we gotta purpose for our lives so

I'm gonna make it out alive
I'm gonna make it out

(I'm gonna make it
I'm gonna make it)

and for those in the struggle let me hear ya say

I'm gonna make it
I'm gonna make it
I'm gonna make it out alive

I'm gonna make it, watch and see, I'm gonna make it out
Track Name: Purpose Driven Creative (feat. BaByBean)
1Start right when the drums come in

1Baby Bean on the beat busy sampling

2its happening, creative energy

2 god makes 3 we make it reality

3 yet so abstract, this rap track

3made from nothing, lemme grab that

4grab this, lets collage it

4 pen a few lyrics, pick a topic

5cant stop this creativity

5 simplicity and complexity

6 merge together, in bad weather

6 making this art is what keeps us tethered

7 cant measure, this pleasure,

7 God given He's making it better

8 by infusing our work with purpose

8 even with the struggle its more than worth it

9 to save a soul, the primary goal

9 I hope my words will bring you back home

10 but we gotta to show this is no commercial

10 no radio cookie cutter hurtful

and we gotta make this purpose driven creative

1Poetry with a melody

1Spoken word said rhythmically

2Lyricaly no profanity

2no gangsta rap living fantasy

3thematicaly, Christianity

3no legalistic Churchianity

4simply free in reality

4Holy Spirit given sanity

5 internally changing me to be

5 a better human being, morality

6 cant be decided by society

6 or forced upon us externally

7 philosophy and theology

7 teaching doing it musically

8 happily knowing who payed the fee

8 I once was blind but now I see

and we gotta make this purpose driven creative
Track Name: The Need To Rhyme
1 I Just felt the need to sit down and rhyme

1 write my thoughts recite them in time

2these lines, just had to get out my head

2MCs ya'll feeling what I just said

3 the academics and uptight square cats

3think all rap is all a bunch of Horse crap

4sorry man, I guess you lose

4some of us are like modern day Langston Hughes

5inner city blues evolution of poetry

5 voice as a drum pad kinda like a 1 2 3

6 this grew on me, saw the possibilities

6english endless uses infinity

7incredibly radio plays the bad rap

7giving hip hop in general, a bad rap

8thats sad man, wasn't a rap fan

8till I diged the planets mixing it with Jazz and

9 found Christians with similar quality

9inspired me and the bars flew out of me

10now a part of me, nothing fake

10got a rap name but that’s just for the stage

11what I say is what I'm really thinking

11free from weed, Prozac or drinking

12reeping what I sow in the spirit

12when God speaks write down what I'm hearing

13no universal man up stairs

13Jehova-Jireh Jesus, the gift of air

14and that’s who I rep, and if ya hate that aspect

14sorry kid, I couldn't care less

15I'll take the stress of being seen

15as a religious corny Jesus MC

16no strings attached, Christ set me free

16but I see the majority in slavery

17fake reality, never saw the sun

17just sitting in the cave calling shadows fun

18munching blue pills, emotion and thrills

18the illusion of up but its really down hill

19ill in the sick sense, not in the cool

19unkowingly under the devil's rule

20got you fooled, soul prostitution

20when ya try to get em out, prosecution

21 my conviction is overwhelming

21 cant be nothing but truth I'm telling

22 selling out never gonna be an option

22 you don’t hear rhymers like this very often

23 and that’s a bad thing, I ain't bragging

23 we need more humble beasts out there rapping

24 that be a shout out, to a tight crew

24 creative hip hop to bob your head to

25 us your mind to, light shine through

25 help you see all the lies you were blind to

26 what I do, few will be feeling

26 when I talk about Christ and how he brings healing

27 but when I'm in the rhythm hands to the ceiling

27 and the music playing gives a good feeling

28 well that’s healing, on a bad day

28 but know that’s God healing you indirectly

29 cuz hey, he made rhythm and notes

29and the mouth to make sounds, the hands that wrote

30this verse, these words language I speak it in

30 and no it all didn't evolve by accident

31 its happening cuz he made it exist

31 and the dimension of time that I said this all in

32 spiritual medicine, I give the proscription

32 in a form most aren't use to hearing

33 should be ending, went a little too long

33 to hear straight bars no break in the song

34 but I wanna keep going, I wanna keep flowing

34 if this were a boat I would keeping rowing

35 hoping I didn't over stay my welcome

35 yo bean cut me out before I get second helpings
Track Name: Burnt Out Blues Interlude
1 Man I'm just so burnt out

1 I'm at a loss as to what to write about

2 I shout bout injustice, and the world's problems

2 but I have no idea how to solve em

3 its like all I can do is scream

3 and the only response is “shut up please

4 we live in fantasy, its how we get by

4 cuz if your right, we'll just want to cry”

5 well I feel you, but eventually

5 reality will force you to see

6 the obvious consequences

6 of ya'll spectating on the fences

7 sitting benches in the revolution

7 the restoration of the Constitution

8 oh you didn't hear? The slate is clear?

8 The bill of rights is no longer hear

9 neither is your dollar, so there you are slaving

9 but the government ain't gonna be paying

10 you back in fact they want all you have

10 gathered in mass, kill you in a FEMA camp

11 that’s real rap, give it to you straight

11 I'm done with lies and pointless debates

12 defending the wars and left right hate

12 and Obama, no president more fake

13 yeah I'll name names, I don’t really care

13 wont sell out to be a big millionaire

14 so Tony Blair, Dave Rockefeller

14The Rothchilds and Bilderburg members

15 Bernanke, Hillary, Bush and Chaney

15 congress, YOU are the ones who are crazy

16 but it don’t faze me, if you call me that

16 friends and fam already think I'm whack

17 so at a certain point, all I eats the red pill

17 but like Lauren Hill, call me mentally ill

18 instilled in my mind, is the will to survive

18 through this rap I translate my war cry

19 through Wi Fi transmissions

19 the internet is sharing my vision

20 these lyrics you shouldn't be missing

20 so listen to the words, Listen to the words

listen to the words, actually listen to the words

Listen to the words, its like.....

(guitar by Blake Rapoza)